A wedding is never just a private affair, something enacted between two people alone. It is a sacred coming together, which adds love to the world. The aspirations of a marrying couple are not just about the love and care they show one another, but also about the love and care they radiate outward. This is why the chuppah has no walls—the love between you reverberates to the broader world.”

Rabbi Shai Held

So, you are thinking about getting married. Do you have questions? If you are already engaged, Mazel Tov, let me help you you plan for that big day. I make no presumptions about how you were raised in Judaism or any other religion, nor how you currently practice. I honor all religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds.

I do believe that two people who wish to build a life together deserve a wedding that reflects what makes their love special. No two people are alike. That is why getting to know you and your thoughts and desires should be our starting point. Whether you are looking at a traditional Jewish, not so traditional Jewish, interfaith, same-gender, inter-cultural or any other kind of wedding, we can plan it together.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. I am here here for you to make the process as easy and meaningful as possible. I recommend that you contact me before you begin making arrangement and plan the details of the day so I can offer guidance and coordinate calendars if needed.

Traditional Jewish Wedding: Jewish weddings are more than a ceremony announcing the transition from single to married life. The couple is a symbol of the first love in the Garden of Eden and they represent the possibility of new beginnings. The wedding couple stand under a chupah, a canopy that symbolized their Jewish home. They (and their witnesses) sign a Ketubah, a marriage contract. The ceremony contains many individual rituals that have developed over centuries. You can read about them here, and I will explain them, and discuss them with you.

A not so traditional wedding: Many of you feel that parts of the traditional wedding ceremonies are outdated, or perhaps even offensive to your modern way of thinking. But you still want a Jewish wedding. I will work with you to figure out what that means, and to create a completely personalized ceremony that will be a sacred ritual that marks this special moment with love and spirituality.

Interfaith marriages: Marriage is a special time, as two people proclaim their love and commit to a union in the deepest, most significant way. I will help you create a joyous ceremony, that includes whatever Jewish or other important spiritual elements you need. Whoever you partner is, publicly declaring your love and commitment makes the world a better place.   

Same gender marriages: l support marriage equality and I am a long-time supporter of the LGBTQ community It is my belief that couples do not find each other by accident. I believe that they are brought together by something that is called by many, Divine. Because of that belief, I will work with any couple that wants to marry. Same sex couples will be treated exactly the same as heterosexual couples, that is, uniquely.