Where’s Reb Carl?

Contact Reb Carl

The best way to reach Reb Carl is by email at RebCarlV@gmail.com.

You can also leave a message by phone at 609-876-1893.

Reb Carl’s Recent and Scheduled Engagements


Nov. 19:  Kol Ami, Cherry Hill, NJ. Spice Up Your Judaism, Where Do We Go From Here? US elections and American Jewry

December 7: Law Firm, Voorhees,NJ, Spirituality in the Workplace

Dec 10: Kol Ami, Cherry Hill, NJ. Spice Up Your Judaism, Where Do We Go From Here Part 2, Israel’s Elections and American Jewry

December 24: Minyan Oneg Shabbat, Zoomagogue, Mikeitz: Rivalry, Transformation, and the Possibility of Healing

Dec. 31: Kol Ami, Cherry Hill, NJ. Torah Study, Vayigash, Genesis 44.18-47:27


Jan. 10: Ohalah Annual Conference, Denver Colorado (in person). Creating Shalom Bayit: Navigating Premarital Issues for People Remarrying or Marrying Later in Life

Jan. 14:  Torah Study, Shemot,  Kol Ami

Jan. 28:  Spice Up, Antisemitism, Kol Ami

Feb 11: Spice Up   Jewish Family, Part 1: Marriage    Kol Ami

Feb. 18: Spice Up    Jewish Family, Part 2: Divorce    Kol Ami

March 11: Spice Up    Jewish Family part 3: Shalom Bayit  Kol Ami

April 15: Torah Study  Shemini  Kol Ami

April 22: Spice Up Judaism, On Greed, Kol Ami

April 29: Torah Study, Acharei Mot, MOSh Retreat Claggett Center, Adamstown, MD

If you would like to book Reb Carl to speak at your congregation, facilitate a workshop, or appear at your conference or seminar, email us for information.